Iceland’s new policy to extend visas of foreign tele workers

Iceland new visa for teleworkers

Iceland has introduced long-term visas that can be applied for by internationals engaged in teleworking. It’s currently a widely accepted way to work overseas for companies and projects.

Internationals residing in Iceland will be eligible to work remotely for overseas companies. They can also stay in Iceland for up to 6 months. In case they need to stay in Iceland for more than 6 months, they can apply to get a long-term visa. It will allow them and their families to live in Iceland for over 6 months.

The decision has been made after the new measures that have been implementedwith a collaboration of Iceland’s:

  • Minister of Tourism, Industry & Innovation,
  • Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, and
  • Minister of Justice

This new move enables non-EEA/non-EU nationals to live in Iceland for above 6 months. The internationals in Iceland can now work remotely, as is the chosen way of employment adopted by many companies worldwide in the wake of COVID-19 and the travel restrictions it triggered.

With the new measure, Iceland has made it easier for foreign nationals in the country to work from Iceland, adding connections, knowledge, and value to support the creation of an environment of innovation.

In case the aliens in Iceland wish to extend permissions to stay in the country they must present proofs of an employment relationship, health insurance, and income.

The new measure is contributing to the efforts of the country to revive from the economic strains caused by COVID-19. By allowing foreign nationals to temporarily work for overseas companies from Iceland, their valuable connections and experience shall benefit Iceland and help to develop its economy.

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