Hotel bookings in Europe shows all is not lost but getting better!

Hotel booking in Europe due to Pandemic

Europe has shown a 60% increase in hotel bookings in comparison to pre-pandemic levels. This has happened for the first time since March 2020.

According to the report, the resuming of the booking activity in Europe contributed well to the rise in the booking momentum. At the same time, the markets in the Americas and the Pacific have stayed stable even when the pandemic is on.


In April 2021, Portuguese authorities made an announcement that they allowed visitors from the EU Member States and the countries in the Schengen Area namely Norway, Liechtenstein, Iceland, and Switzerland. Also allowed were travelers from the UK.

In Portugal, a significant initial increase in booking momentum was seen on April 19. This was when COVID-19 lockdown measures were eased. The same trend was seen again from early May 2021.

Simultaneously, Portugal’s land border with Spain was reopened. The country laid out plans for international travel.

In May 2021, so far, 58% of bookings in hotels in Portugal have been made by foreign guests. This was just 40% in April 2021. That’s something positive when it comes to the Portugal migration scene.

The UK

In the UK, COVID-related restrictions were eased on April 5. Also, earlier this month, hotels and B&Bs were opened. This led to nearly a 35% rise in booking volumes. It reached 66% of the levels in 2019. So, the UK migration scene is also showing positive signs.


The Government of Spain announced previously that it would allow passengers from the UK to come into Spain once the UK’s authorities gave confirmation that the restrictions imposed for UK citizens would be lifted.

As per SiteMinder’s published report, it was revealed that the number of bookings increased rapidly and more sharply since May 9, 2021. This was the time when the country ceased to be in a state of alarm.

Looks like migration to Spain will also pick up pretty well from here.


In France, around 60% of bookings that happened in the 2 earlier weeks were for stays in either May 2021 or June 2021. It’s also found that under 7% of the bookings were for stays that went beyond August 2021.

The USA and Mexico are also performing very strongly. They have 84% and 101% respectively of the booking levels of 2019.

To avoid another lockdown and the following massive losses to the tourism and immigration industries, the governments of European countries are trying their best to figure the safest ways to help economies to recover from the COVID-19 crisis.

It was in March 2021 that the World Travel & Tourism Council made the announcement that the COVID-19 pandemic caused around €3.8 trillion worth of losses in the travel and tourism sector in 2020.

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