Which are the high demand occupations in Australia?

Which are the high demand occupations in Australia

There are certain skills in Australia which are extremely high in demand. Not only do they provide ample job opportunities but also a pathway to PR and ultimately citizenship.

Here are the high demand occupations in Australia:

  1. Teachers

There is a dearth of teachers in Australia in subjects like Maths, Science, and Technology. Secondary School Teachers is the No.1 occupation that Australia is looking out for. There are 8,302 visa places for Secondary School Teachers allocated in this year. Early Childhood and Special Needs Teachers are also in high demand in Australia. There are 1,822 and 1,126 visa places allocated to them respectively. Primary School Teachers, however, are not much in demand in Australia.

  1. Engineers

The industries of manufacturing, defense, mining, and civil infrastructure have a high demand for Engineers. As per the University of NSW, the demand for engineers exceeds the number of engineering graduates in Australia. Civil, geotechnical, structural, and transport engineers are the most in demand in Australia. The Govt. has allocated more than 2000 visa places to each of them in the current year. With fewer visa spots but still high in demand are aeronautical, biomedical, and agricultural engineers. Electrical, environmental, chemical, industrial, electronics, mechanical, and plant engineers are also in demand in Australia.

  1. Construction Managers

There has been a property boom all across Australia in the past few years. A number of infrastructures, commercial, and high-rise residential projects have been started in Australia. This has led to the spike in the demand for Construction Managers. There are more than 5,000 visa spots allocated for them in the current year. The occupation of Construction Manager is also one of the highest earning occupations in the country.

  1. IT

As per the Dept. of Immigration, Australia needs more than 100,000 IT professionals in the next 6 years. Software Engineers, System Analysts, Developer Programmer etc. are all on the Skilled Occupation List. Among all the IT occupations, the highest in demand are Software and Application programmers. There are more than 5,500 visa spots allocated to them in the current year. NSW and Victoria house more than 60% of IT professionals in Australia with a majority of them based in Sydney and Melbourne.

  1. Tradespeople

There is a huge shortage of tradespeople in the construction industry in Australia.  Electricians are the most in-demand occupation with more than 9,000 visa spots. The occupation of the electrician is supposed to provide the most number of jobs in Australia in the next 10 years.  Carpenters, Motor Mechanics, Plumbers, Metal fitters and Machinists are also hugely in demand. The Dept. of Immigration has allocated more than 5,000 visa places to each of these trades, as per The South African.

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