What will be happen if the Australian Citizenship demand Goes High?

What is happening with the demand for Australian Citizenship?

Australian citizenship

Many are at this point considering how to migrate to Australia. This great decision will fetch you gains! But some awareness of Australia’s current immigration scene will prove helpful.

Australia is seeing a low demand in citizenship applications recently. The decrease in applications for citizenship is an indicator of serious realities. Even when there is an increase in net migration to Australia, another concern emerges. The number of those applying for citizenship seems to drop since 2014!

A 42% decrease in citizenship application in 2018-19 makes the trend a concern. The factors that contribute to such an unfavorable reduction indicates practical issues. Backlogs of applications going to 2 years is one reason. It has plagued the immigration scene. It is already observed that a reversal of the situation can revive the status. This means, the result of rectification will be a surge in applications.

Another obvious factor is the decisions made by the government. In 2017, a rule got announced. It increased the standard of English required for citizenship. This created a surge in applications for citizenship in 2017. The applicants sensed and tried to steer clear of tougher evaluation for citizenship.

The sudden surge in applications in 2017 made stricter security measures necessary. This resulted in the backlogs. It increased wait times that are still affecting the system! Many feel that their life is on hold due to the delays.

Few others have a different set of reasons for not choosing Australian citizenship. One of them is a reluctance to abandon their motherland. Some observe their permanent residency Australia good enough. They enjoy almost all essential advantages of a citizenship. They have no qualms unless they are looking for voting rights and government jobs.

One clear message comes from the situation. A smooth system of execution with prudent decisions will put immigration back on track in Australia.

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