H-4 visa gets a new life at the hands of Joe Biden

Huge relief for spouses of H-1B workers, Biden nixes Trump plan

Spouses of H-1B visa holders who work in USA finally had a sigh of relief as Joe Biden canceled the rule proposed by Trump to revoke the H-4 work permit. Biden signed the executive order to this effect on the same on which he signed the executive order that called for practicing racial equity in the US.

The H-4 visa allows its holders to arrive and stay in the US lawfully and work in the country. It came into force in the Obama era. But the Trump administration took an offensive stand against the visa and has been keeping spouses of H-1B visa holders on the edge. Theyhave been fearing that their work authorizations would be canceled.

But now as Joe Biden has rescinded the Trump administration’s move to scrap the H-4 visa, there is relief and hope that there won’t be long wait time that often transpires into job losses.

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