Guide to work overseas – The highest-paid jobs in Ireland in 2022

The highest-paid jobs in Ireland in 2022

Let’s introduce you to the job scene of Ireland. We will also look at the highest-paid jobs in Ireland. Our discussion here will motivate you to work overseas in Ireland.

Ireland is a prominent English-speaking country that is the fastest growing economy of the EU. In Ireland, service sector jobs are in the highest demand with IT workers required in large numbers. The hospitality and tourism industries are also flourishing industries of Ireland.

Among popular graduate jobs available in Ireland are in sectors of:

  • Computer software and hardware
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Chemicals
  • Food and beverages

The areas where Ireland faces the most skill shortages are:

  • Healthcare
  • IT
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Business and finance
  • Transport and logistics

Ireland is a multicultural country with a low cost of living. It’s also considered the “door to Europe” as the country gives easy access to other prominent countries and destinations in Europe.

The highest-paid jobs in Ireland

The average salary paid to professionals in Ireland is currently €53,817. This will only get better as Ireland is known to be a progressive nation.

Here are some of the highest-paid jobs you can try to land in Ireland in 2022.


Programmers are required to create and maintain software of diverse types and purposes. This job is especially relevant as the digital ecosystem has replaced most of the commercial operations worldwide. The scope for innovation in digital applications is also a distinct feature of this job category.

In Ireland, these professionals are paid an average annual salary of €41,833.


Physicians have gained much importance in the background of the overall surge in demand for healthcare services, especially with the COVID-19 crisis. They are in huge demand in Ireland.

In Ireland, they are paid an average annual salary of €51,094.

Software Architect

Another major job role in the information technology scene, software architects are responsible for designing flawless and scalable digital systems that serve the operations of businesses and commercial establishments in Ireland.

In Ireland, they are paid an average annual salary of €75,687.

IT Manager

It’s impossible to imagine achieving results without an efficient IT manager to plan, execute, monitor, maintain, and scale the IT ecosystem in an organization or company these days. Hence, they are in high demand in Ireland.

In Ireland, they are paid an average annual salary of €59,704.

Sales Director

Any commercial organization needs to strategize and execute an effective sales plan to make a profit. The role of a sales director is vital in achieving this goal.

In Ireland, they are paid an average annual salary of €81,617.

Engineering Project Manager

This role has great importance as construction projects need proper planning and supervision to succeed on the ground. This is why Engineering Project Managers are one of the highest-paid jobs in Ireland.

In Ireland, they are paid an average annual salary of €59,596.

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