Greece has great news! Digital nomad visa is in the cards

Greece to create special visa for digital nomads

Digital nomads are the new work culture that has even more relevance in this period of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of Greece is planning to introduce a visa for them. With the digital nomad visa, these international workers who are engaged in remote jobs will be allowed to work from Greece.

The plan is expected to be put into practice sooner as a consensus regarding the digital nomad visa has been reached between the ministers of foreign affairs and migration. They have reached a common agreement whereby remote workers will be able to work under this trend which is nothing short of being innovative when it comes to the matter of ways to work overseas.

The proposed digital nomad visa could be given tax incentives, which is a point of attraction for permanent investments. Greece already has a strong currency in Euro, along with the support of a strong institutional framework of the EU.

Moreover, as Alex Patelis, the chief economic advisor in Greece said, the 5G networks that are already working in Greece’s major cities are

 going to be a great push to the prospect of adopting such a visa category. Also, tax incentives are targeted at people who relocate to Greece. So, for international workers looking to work abroad jobs done online will offer greater freedom and benefits.

In Greece, legislation was introduced in December 2020. It encourages foreign nationals to invest in the country for which they get tax treatments as they are willing to transfer their tax residence to Greece.

In the efforts to attract investment via foreign investors, this new measure is expected to be a good move.

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