Go right with a guide: Moving from Singapore to Australia

Go right with a guide: Moving from Singapore to Australia

Australia Immigration is a very popular option that Singaporeans go for. On average, around 300,000 Singaporeans reach Australia a year. They arrive in Australia to study or work in Australia. Many others seek residence to live in Australia.

The journey from Singapore to Australia is just a short distance by air. It’s very common that Singaporeans have some kind of connection in Australia as with relatives or someone in the family studying in Australia.

If you are in Singapore, feeling new to the idea of immigration to Australia, here’s a guide to moving to Australia from Singapore.

Visa pathways to Australia from Singapore

Here are the pathways available to you to immigrate to Australia:

Skilled migration

This is the most common option Singaporeans choose to move to Australia. Using this pathway, you can immigrate to work in Australia on the basis of your skills in a particular field of occupation. A skilled visa will help you enter into the workforce of Australia along with the opportunity to be a part of the country, contributing to its economy.

Business visa

To start with, to get a business visa, you must own a business in Australia before you can apply for a business visa. With this visa, you can bring your family too to Australia. You can buy a business in Australia or set one up and run it along with being a resident there.

Investor visa

Do you have the intention to invest money in any enterprise in Australia? The Investor visa is for you. Your investment will go into government bonds or funds. The period of your investment will be decided by the terms of the visa. You can bring your family along to live in Australia with this visa.

Family visas

If an Australian citizen or a permanent resident in Australia is your spouse or partner you can apply for a partner visa to move to Australia. A Partner visa is the most common family visa taken by Singaporeans to move to Australia.

Resident Return Visa

This type of visa is meant for former citizens/permanent residents of Australia who have lapsed their residency in Singapore. Now, to return to Australia as a permanent resident, it will be necessary for them to apply for the Resident Return Visa.

With these options at your disposal, it’s time for you to approach an immigration consultant and go with the procedures to follow to migrate to Australia.

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