Getting a German PR visa in 2022 – How easy can it be?

Is it easy to get German PR in 2022

It’s time we got some clarity on an important question regarding German PR: how easy it could be to get a Germany PR visa in 2022.

To answer this question, let’s try to understand aspects of the German PR processing system that influences the time taken to get a visa.

How to apply for a German PR?

To apply for a German PR, you have to fulfill certain conditions first. They are:

  • You have held a German residence permit (temporary) for 5 years.
  • You have contributed to a statutory pension scheme for a minimum period of 60 months. If not, you can give evidence of an old-age provision comparable to it.
  • You are able to support yourself in Germany without benefit payments.
  • You have enough command of the German language (B1 level as prescribed by CEFR).
  • You have basic knowledge of the social system, way of life, and legal system in Germany, which is proven by passing a “Life in Germany” test.
  • You have permission to do a job in Germany and you hold the necessary permit.
  • You have worked in Germany in a position that matches your degree or other qualifications.
  • You don’t have a criminal record.
  • You have a living space that’s sufficient for yourself and your family.

So as prepared as you are with all these requirements, you will be so ready to go ahead with applying for a German PR visa. The application process goes like this:

  • Visit the local German Immigration Office (Ausländerbehörde) to make an appointment. This is the same place where you got your German residence permit for the first time.
  • Complete the application form (Antrag auf Erteilung der Niederlassungserlaubnis).
  • Bring together all the necessary documents.
  • Show up at the German immigration office on the date of appointment. Take your documents along with the application form. Attend the interview there. In case you are putting an application for a settlement permit being a German national’s spouse, bring your spouse along with you to the interview.
  • Make the payment for the application fee.

Generally, the time taken for making a decision on your application is 2 to 3 weeks.

So, looking at the basic process, if you have a good understanding of the German PR process and are ready with the necessary documents, your application and the resulting approval will not be cumbersome at all.

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