France, Germany tops in popularity on Schengen visa in 2019

France top favorite

The consulates of France, among all the Schengen Member States, have garnered the highest number of applications for Schengen visa.

The latest Schengen Visa Statistics for 2019 reveals that France is on the top of the list of most popular Schengen states. Its consulates aboard have received 3,980,989 short-stay visa requests. That comes to 23.4% of the total 16,955,541 Schengen visa applications received abroad.

Frech consulates also account for the third-highest rejection rate for Schengen visa requests among all the Schengen member states.  This comes to 16% of the total 635,489 applications rejected.

Counting the approved visa applications, France has granted multiple-entry visas to 635,489 of the beneficiaries involved. They could then enter the French territory any number of times.

Nevertheless, there has been a decrease in the number of applications filed at the Schengen consulate. This is also noteworthy in comparison with an increase in total Schengen applications filed at all 26 Member States. The drop has been registered by 0.7%.

Germany comes next to France in popularity with a considerable number of applicants opting for Germany immigration. In 2019, the German consulates abroad received 2,171,309 Schengen visa requests. This was also an instance of an increase in applications when compared to 2018. In 2018, Germany had received 2,056,296 visa applications. The trend of increasing Germany migration is evident from this.

Like France, in 2019, the rate of rejection of visa applications in German consulates increased to 9.8% from what was 9.1% in 2018.

Germany issued 1,664,448 multiple-entry visas. It also became the Schengen country that granted the most Limited Territorial Validity Visas (LTV), coming to 41,595 nos. These visas allow beneficiaries to travel only to a limited number of Schengen countries.

Both for France and Germany, the largest number of applications collected was in China. There they collected a total of 709,616 applications at the French consulates and 431,817 at the German consulates.

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