How to find genuine Canada job & visa service offers

Fraudulent job offers in Canada

People from around the world aspire to live and work in Canada. Canada offers a wide variety of jobs. These make Canada a true land of opportunities. At the same time, the country faces a difficult challenge which is the presence of employment scams online. They are intended to exploit people’s aspirations.

Foreign nationals drool over attractive job opportunities in Canada. The promise of a Canadian work visa and lure of a great opportunity could be irresistible for a skilled worker. Fraudsters present themselves and their Canadian job offers as legitimate ones.

For an aspirant, it could be hard to differentiate genuine and fraudulent Canadian job providers. How can you make sure whether a Canada job offer is legitimate or not? Thankfully there are ways to do that.

You just need to find the warning signs that can help identify deceptive job offers. Frauds specifically target job seekers and those looking for financial opportunities in Canada. To steer clear of such tricksters, you can look for these signs:

Compensation that looks unrealistic

There are legitimate sources online that can give you an idea of the salary scales for various jobs in Canada. The Job Bank site of the Canadian Government can guide you in this regard. Besides, even when the salary offered seems unrealistically high for a job profile, you should become alert.

The legitimacy of the job offer comes under doubt if there’s a significant difference between the salary shown on the job bank site and what’s proposed by the agency.

Another sign that should raise your doubts is too many job-related benefits. These are too enticing. False job offers often feature a range of benefits that would play on big dreams a foreign jobseeker will have. These include:

  • Free accommodation
  • Paid airfare from the country of origin
  • Unrealistic holiday periods

Work authorization readily available for a fee

A fraudulent company or agent could offer you to get the work authorization ready for a fee. This is not possible. You will first need to attend a face-to-face interview with the Canadian immigration officer.

Work authorization in Canada necessarily involves your participation. If someone tries to convince you that they can get you a work permit without your involvement, they are lying.

Also, the amount claimed in most cases does not reflect the actual cost of obtaining a work permit. The government fee for a work permit application is $155. The amount charged for a fake job offer is significantly higher.

Employer contact information missing or incorrect

There are distinct signs of fraud when it comes to employer contact information. These are:

  • The area code of the employer’s telephone number does not match with where the business is said to be located
  • The telephone number has been disconnected or is never answered
  • A genuine company will have a website address in its name. E.g. could be the web address of a company ABC. If the email of the supposed company representative is any different from say, it should make you alert

Quality of language is poor

Anyone capable of making a Canada job offer should have a good command of the English language. So, if the text of the job offer letter looks poorer than expected, you can doubt the legitimacy of the offer. Such text may be plagued by incorrect spelling, wrong verb conjugation, and faulty punctuation.

An unconventional offer letter

An offer letter is understandably supposed to be given in a formal format. Such language is readily identifiable. If the official communication in the offer letter is from anyone except a genuine Canadian company, it can be different. The letter formatting and the graphics it contains may stand out and look unpleasant. The font choice and font size may look very unconventional.

These are a few basic checks to stay clear of fraudulent people making false job offers. Another way to stay safe is to approach an experienced and established work abroad consultancy like us.

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