Fake driver licence costs immigrant his Australian citizenship

Fake driver licence costs immigrant his Australian citizenship

An immigrant recently lost his Australian citizenship over a fake driver licence. Ali Haidari, a 26-year old Aghan citizen, had arrived in Australia by sea in February 2010. In September   2010, Australia granted him a Permanent Protection Visa.

Ali had applied for Australian citizenship in November 2014 which was granted in just a month. However, it was found that Ali had used a fake driver licence from Afghanistan to obtain a driver’s licence of Australia. Consequently, his Australian citizenship was revoked in August 2017.

The information on the fake driving license was uncovered during Ali’s interview with the Immigration Dept. This interview was conducted to update the assessment of his identity.

Ali worked as a Truck Driver in Australia. He provided the Immigration Dept, with a driver’s licence issued by the state of Queensland in July 2013. He told the offers of the Immigration Dept. that he had never driven trucks in his past. His friends in Pakistan arranged to get him a counterfeit driving licence.

Ali also told the officers that he had paid his friends in Pakistan to obtain the driver’s licence. He had paid them so that he did not have to obtain a licence through the standard route. The usual process to obtain a driver’s licence first involves getting a learner’s licence before you can get the full licence.

Ali told the officers that he did so so that he could get a job after coming out of the detention centre. However, all the jobs that he had applied for required him to have a driver’s licence.

Ali also applied to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review the decision of revoking his citizenship. However, the Tribunal rejected his appeal last week.

Ali’s representative told the Tribunal that Ali had informed the Queensland Dept. of Main Road and Transport about his fake licence in June 2017. However, they overlooked this information and renewed his two truck industry authorization.

Ali also said that he was not aware that his licence was fake when he submitted it to the Dept. of Main Roads. He only came to know about it after some licences in the Hazara community were found to be fake. That’s when he realized that his licence was fake too.

However, the AAT said that despite Ali being aware that his licence was fake, he still submitted it to the Dept. of Main Roads. Thus, he is not only a danger to other road users but also to himself.

The Tribunal also felt that Ali had a track record of flouting rules. He managed to travel to Australia from Afghanistan via Pakistan, Indonesia and Malaysia without a single legal document, like a passport or visa.

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