F1 Student visa will be issued to only fresh applicants: US Embassy

F1 Student visa will be issued to only fresh applicants -US Embassy (1)


During the 45-minute live chat on the web page of the Minister Counsellor for Consular Affairs at the US embassy, Donald L Heflin mentioned on Wednesday that the student visa in the summer season would be between June to the first week of July. He mentioned that the US Embassy is willing to give F1 Student visas only to fresh applicants.

“This summer season is supposed to be meant for new applicants who have never applied earlier, students who just finished high school and are willing to do higher studies or opt for Masters after graduation. Students whose F-1 Student Visa has been refused earlier wouldn’t be able to get a slot when the appointment applications start this summer.” Heflin said.

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15,000 appointments will be made available from August 15 to September 1 for the people denied last year or this summer. The reason for shutting down is because of the pandemic, and there weren’t many people who have been refused before applying again, compared to the number of people we have currently.

“In India, eight lakh US visas were to be issued in 12 months which was hoped to be a year of restoration for the visa operations disrupted by the pandemic,” Heflin mentioned.

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