Evidence shows current Immigration intake is right for Australia

Evidence shows current Immigration intake is right for Australia

The latest evidence revealed through research has shown that the current immigration intake is right for Australia. The intake of 210,000 to 190,000 will have the best impact on the nation by 2050. This is with respect to GDP per capita growth rate and aging population.

The aging population of Australia will have unfavorable results for the future as comparatively more individuals exit the labor force. This will enhance the dependency o the lowering base of the taxpayer.

Immigration has the capacity to prevent the consequences of an aging population. This is by contributing to the funds of the government for crucial services and to the labor force. Immigrants also contribute to the future population of Australia through children, as quoted by the Conversation.

The latest projections by ABS offer an opportunity to analyze the demographic composition of Australia in diverse scenarios. This is if the net overseas immigration was low – 2000,000 or mid – 240,000, high – 280,000 or zero.

The life expectancy and fertility mid-range projections for 2013 and the Census of 2011 are aligning well with the existing estimations. These estimations offer an indication of the impact of immigration in terms of net overseas immigration.

The composition of the population is a crucial pointer to consider and not just size. The distribution of age enables to understand the challenges and fiscal opportunities faced by a population.

The current rate of immigration in Australia assists to strike a balance between growth and population age structure.

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