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The EU’s technical system that verifies the security features in the QR codes of every EU Digital COVID Certificate has been made live. This is a milestone step in Europe travel. The system is active in 7 EU Member States. It has come to be a month prior to its implementation deadline.

On June 1, 2021, Czechia, Bulgaria, Poland, Denmark, Croatia, Greece, and Germany have established connections to the gateway. They have also started the issuance of the first COVID-19 travel certificates in the EU. Meanwhile, some countries have made the decision to launch the document only when the entire range of functions is deployed across the nation.

More has been learned from a press release of the EU Commission on this milestone for Europe travel. More EU nations will partake in the system in the days and weeks to come. Meanwhile, since May 10, 2021, 22 countries have tested the gateway successfully.

It’s a new milestone achieved with the EU Digital COVID Certificate finally been implemented with the go-live of the technical system at the EU level. The best part is that this allows the verification of certificates in a privacy-friendly and secure way. This observation has been highlighted by the press too.

The gateway has been set up within a 2-month period. The gateway will deliver its service as a tool for verification for the EU COVID-19 certificates during Europe travel. Using the gateway, the EU has intentions to restore free movement within the block.

The regulation is planned and prepped to be brought into application on July 1, 2021. Until then, the political agreement of May 20, 2021, must be adopted formally by the European Parliament as well as the Council.

Once the regulation gets implemented, there will be a period of 6 weeks taken to phase-in for the EU Member States that require extra time to start the issuance of the certificates. Meanwhile, the EU Commission will give financial and technical support to the EU Member States in this regard.

Thierry Breton, the Commissioner for Internal Market commented on the Gateway’s Go-Live event. He asserted that it’s a good start that the 7 Member States of the EU are starting to launch certificates this early.

Breton has expressed that he would encourage others to follow at the earliest possible. He thinks that the timely preparation will get the complete system to be up and running by July 1, 2021. Hence, the proposal will by then enter into the application stage and the EU will be able to open up again on time this summer.

But Stella Kyriakides, the Commissioner for Health & Food Safety has insisted that it’s essential for the EU member states to finalize their national systems in the coming weeks. This will enable the system to fully function in time for summer and facilitate Europe travel.

Stella also reminded that the citizens of the EU are wanting to travel across Europe again. They also want to ensure that they can travel safely. The use of an EU certificate is an important step in ensuring this.

The idea of creating the EU Digital COVID Certificate was hatched with the purpose of facilitating the safe and free movement of EU citizens within the EU. The EU Commission came up with the idea to be implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was revealed on March 17, 2021.

Since then, the Commission has worked closely with the Member States so that it can be brought to life and can be of benefit for Europe travel.

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