The essential guide to Cannabis rules before you travel to Canada

Cannabis is legal in Canada Everything you wanted know about marijuana rules

Here’s what you are supposed to be aware of Cannabis-related rules and regulations if you are planning to travel to Canada.

The history of Cannabis rules in Canada

  • Cannabis is legal in Canada subject to strict regulations.
  • Knowing the Cannabis policy of Canada is essential for those planning to travel to Canada as offenses related to Cannabis can seriously damage one’s prospects of migration to Canada.
  • In 2018, Canada legalized the purchase and use of Cannabis for recreation.
  • Cannabis users must enter Canada with a clear understanding of Canada’s regulations related to Cannabis.

Cannabis regulations in Canada

Cannabis at the Canadian border

  • It’s illegal to transport cannabis from another country to Canada or from Canada to other countries. The only exception exists for suppliers recognized by the Canadian government. These suppliers are given permits for scientific or medical reasons.
  • Any traveler reaching the Canadian border with marijuana must surrender it at the border. Even sending cannabis via mail is prohibited.
  • Failure to comply with the rules can result in fines, detainment, and a ban on re-entry into Canada.

Driving under the influence of Cannabis

  • In Canada, driving under the influence of marijuana is considered a serious crime.
  • Here’s a list of what all are considered criminal offenses in this regard:
    • driving, or having driven within 2 hours of having over 2 nanograms of cannabis per mL in one’s blood
    • refusing to comply with roadside alcohol or drug test
    • driving in a dangerous manner

Procurement and use of marijuana in Canada

  • The minimum age stipulated for the possession and use of cannabis in different Canadian provinces and territories are as follows:
    • Alberta – 18 years
    • Quebec – 21 years
    • Others – 19 years
  • If adults want to use cannabis in Canada, they have to procure it legally, I.e., from a store or supplier licensed by the government.
  • A person can possess up to 30 grams of dried cannabis.
  • 1 gram of dried cannabis equals 5 grams of fresh cannabis. Adults can use the cannabis converter available online to find out how much of what kind of marijuana they can keep.

The Cannabis Act and its implications

  • The legalization of certain previously illegal marijuana-related activities happened with the Cannabis Act.
  • The changes that came after the Cannabis Act had an effect on people outside Canada wanting to travel to Canada.
  • Canada compares the law in a foreign country with its own. If the foreign law deems something as a crime and even Canada does so, the person involved will face problems. If it’s not a crime in Canada, there are generally no problems. This applies to possession and use of cannabis too.

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