The diverse aspects of Australia ENS Visa Direct Entry Stream

Australia ENS Visa also has an option of Direct Entry Stream that does not mandate that you are employed with a firm in Australia for 2 years. This will, however, require you to clear a formal assessment for skills.

Several changes will be implemented for Australia ENS Visa in 2018 March after which many immigrant applicants may turn ineligible or may have to pay the higher visa fee. Currently, eligible immigrants must consider applying for the Australia ENS Visa through the Direct Entry Stream before the March 2018 changes.

The normal requirement of skills for Australia ENS Visa Direct Entry Stream is that the applicant must possess formal assessment of skills in the occupation and a minimum work experience of 3 years in the occupation, as quoted by the ACACIA AU.

The requirements for assessment for skills are diverse based on the occupation. Comprehending these requirements is crucial for the decision to opt for the Direct Entry Stream. Normally, formal educational qualification is required.

The assessment for skills must be done prior to applying for the Australia ENS Visa. Some assessment for skills can last up to several months and it is vital to begin the process for application much in advance of any decisive dates.

The requirement for age – As of July 2017, applicants must be below the age of 45 years.

The requirement for English – Applicants need to demonstrate that they possess minimum English at a competent level for qualifying to this stream. This could be in the form of possessing passport of certain nations such as New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, the UK or the US. They can also alternatively pass a test for the English language.

Changes that will be introduced from March 2018 will have an impact on the Australia ENS Visa Direct Entry Stream. Only the occupations under MLTSSL will be qualified for this stream. This means only 207 occupations will remain eligible.

Additional fees will be levied for applications of visas sponsored by permanent employers. The training levy will be 3,000 dollars for businesses whose turnover is lesser than 10 million dollars. It will be 5,000 dollars for larger businesses.

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