DHA updates RMAs regarding incomplete applications

DHA updates RMAs regarding incomplete applications

Department of Home Affairs in Australia has updated Registered Migration Agents – RMAs regarding incomplete applications for 457 visas. The processing network for Subclass 457 visas is now implementing a changed approach for management of incomplete applications. This is with the aim to decrease processing times for applications that are complete, as quoted by the Home Affairs Gov AU.

The new arrangements for managing incomplete applications for 457 visas are effective from January 2018. This will include refusal of applications that are assessed as not adhering to legislative conditions in the preliminary stages of assessment.

It is apart from genuineness. This will be applicable for applications that lack necessary supporting evidence wherein:

• Obligations for natural justice are not applicable

• More than 2 calendar days have passed after the application was lodged

The above conditions will have certain case exceptions such as pending documentation for character and health. It will also exclude an associated application that needs the first finalization and is pending. An example for this can be an application for nomination and the sponsorship application for it is pending.

The exceptions to the new regulations for incomplete applications for 457 visas will also include a satisfactory and reasonable explanation being attached to the application in its Immi Account. This must outline reasons for incomplete application by the applicant or their Registered Migration Agents – RMAs on their behalf.

The agents must also not have a history of lodging incomplete visa applications.

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