Denmark stops the world at its gates till Jan 18, 2021

Denmark bans arrivals till Jan 18, 2021

Denmark has banned travelers of any country from entering its territories from Jan 9, 2021, to January 18, 2021. The presence and spread of a new mutated COVID-19 virus in the EU and the UK have put the country on alert. So, this measure was taken to safeguard its people from another wave of infections. This temporary suspension of arrivals to Denmark on a travel visa is a precautionary measure much needed in this crucial time of dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also urged the citizens of Denmark not to travel to other countries as this new strain of the virus is said to be capable of spreading much faster.

This new decision would mean no entry into Denmark on a visitor visa or any other type of visa. At this time, when there’s a lot of hope to overcome the pandemic crisis as the COVID-19 vaccine has started to roll out, Denmark doesn’t want to upset the situation by allowing another surge in infections.

Denmark has however planned to introduce an encouraging step to allow travel. It’s using a digital “vaccine passport” for travel to world destinations. It will let all citizens who got the COVID-19 vaccine to travel to countries that have a norm for them to hold such a document certifying vaccination to be allowed entry.

The vaccine passport will be implemented in early 2021. Those who get vaccinated passport will get the passport via the public health website of Denmark.

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