Close to 1 in 3 Australians were born in other countries

Close to 1 in 3 Australians were born in other countries

The percentage of Australians born in other countries has reached more than 28 percent; say the figures revealed by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) recently.

In the past decade, this number has only increased further, with those being born particularly in India and China registering an increase of over 100 percent during this period. On the other hand, the number of Australians born in Germany registered a zero growth and those born in Italy declining by over 10 percent.

The Australian resident numbers born in Asian countries close to the Land Down Under registered the highest ever increase in the last one year as 24 percent of them were born in Japan, eight percent in China and seven percent and six percent in Malaysia and India, respectively.

The median age of Australians born in Germany increased to 64.1 in 2016 compared to 58.8 in 2006, while the median age of Chinese-born Australians reduced to 3.7 in 2016 from 38.7 in 2006.

NOM (Net Overseas Migration) for 2015-16 increased by 182,200 people, which is 5,300 people more than in the previous year 2014-15. New South Wales recorded the highest growth in population for all states in the country, followed by Victoria and Queensland.

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