China offers 5-year visas to Chinese origin overseas nationals including Australians

China offers 5-year visas to Chinese origin overseas nationals including Australians

China has offered fresh 5 year visas to overseas nationals with Chinese origin including Australians. It is multiple entry visas that will enhance the performance of the Chinese economy. This has been revealed by the Chinese officials.

In the Census for 2016, around 5.6% of Australians acknowledged as having the Chinese origin. In the supposed “Age of Mass Immigration”, more than 50 million Chinese left the nation during 1850-1930. They sought better lifestyle in new settler nations such as the UK, Australia, and Canada, as quoted by the ABC Net AU.

China has said that the fresh 5 year visas will attract innovative overseas talent to the nation. Ministry of Public Security’s Entry and Exit Administration Bureau Director Qu Yunhai said that the changes are targeted at attracting skilled workers.

Qu Yunhai further elaborated that these kinds of policies have positively served the economic and social development of China. It attracts talents with the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit he added.

CEO and Founder of Tripalocal an Australian online travel startup Jemma Xu said that the visa will be of great help to businesses such as hers. She is a Beijing-based entrepreneur. 5-year visas are extremely helpful, added Xu. It eliminates much hassle of remembering visa renewals every year, added the entrepreneur.

All overseas nationals with Chinese ancestry including Australians will be eligible to apply for the 5-year visas. This is irrespective of the number of generations that the connection dates back. Nevertheless, applicants will have to demonstrate their ancestry to the officials. They must also be able to offer the documents.

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