Changes to Subclass 457 visas likely to get stuck in Australian Senate


Even as the Government of Australia led by Turnbull announced plans to do away with the Subclass 457 visas, its plans to do so are likely to get stuck in the Senate of Australia. Greens in the Senate are all set to refer this to a committee to assess the impact of the abolition of this visa on the economy of the nation, impact on businesses and risk posed to the multicultural fabric of Australia.

Sarah Hanson-Young, the Trade Spokesperson has said that she will be seeking the support of the opposition and crossbench for ordering an inquiry into the replacement of the 457 visas. This is planned to be replaced with a new visa that will have lesser eligible occupations and shorter visa validity. It is also unconnected to the application of citizenship in the future.

The Senator of Australia also said that she was also confident of securing a majority in the Senate to carry out an inquiry on the first day of the Budget session in Australian senate. The Labor party in Australia has contended that Turnbull government’s approach to the 457 visas lacks exhaustive thought on the issue, quotes SMH.

Senator Hanson elaborated that if Australia has to attract skilled workers who possess the required experience and intelligence, it needs to have increased interaction with a large global community.

The inquiry into the abolition of the Subclass 457 visas will also help to unravel the mess that was caused by Turnbull when he decided to leverage insensitive anti-immigrant feelings and contemptible racial politics to please the conservatives in his party, added Young.

Hanson-Young further explained that if Australia intends to step into the global future with confidence, it will have to retain and appeal to the top and talented minds into the education, IT and innovation sectors of Australia. This is only possible if there is a careful and well-considered analysis of immigration policies and not with chauvinistic exaggeration and slogans.

Sources in Australian industry have informed that there would be consequences of the decision to abolish the 457 visas, even if they are unintentional. It has been recommended to reduce the visa validity for the new category of visas for two years from the existing four years in 457 visas and reducing the number of eligible occupations.

Amongst the industries that are worried regarding the fallout of abolition of 457 visas, food firms are also concerned that the required food technologists are more easily available in the overseas markets than the local Australian labor market.

The new category of visas will be a hindrance for most of the visas, especially for the lesser paid jobs as the visa validity will be reduced to 2 years and inaccessibility to permanent residency in Australia at the expiry of the visas. Subsequent renewal of the visa will also be dependent on appropriate sponsorship from the employer and application furnished in the native nation.

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