Why changes to immigration laws affect South Australia

Why changes to immigration laws affect South Australia

The economy of South Australian is facing multiple challenges such as migration to other states, shortage of workforce due to ageing population and overt dependence on older owner managers.

A report released on 8 June, entitled ‘The potential benefits of reforming migration policies to address South Australia’s needs’, studies the appropriateness of the Australian migration system and recent changes to meet this state’s businesses’ needs.

The changes made recently to the skilled migration programs with the intent to address ‘misuse’ of skilled visas do not make any efforts to allay apprehensions of South Australian employers, said the report.

Mark Glazbrook, CEO of Migration Solutions, says that the current migration system hurts businesses of South Australian, especially in regional areas. He added that when it is known that smaller cities and regional areas vary from the larger cities in terms of cost of living and economy, it does not help to apply a universal standard across different regions.

Under the new (SSVF) Simplified Student Visa Framework, educational institutions of this state are enrolling most students from countries which are classified as higher risk. Students of these countries must satisfy documentations with proof that they are genuinely temporary students who would be able to complete their courses. If this law dissuades students from applying, South Australian share of foreign VET (Vocational Education and Training) students, which is already low, is likely to decline further.

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