Changes to citizenship will create inferior immigrant-Australians says, Tony Burke

Changes to citizenship will create inferior immigrant-Australians says, Tony Burke

The proposed modifications to the Citizenship Act in Australia will result in creating a class of inferior immigrant-Australians, said the leader of the Labor Party Tony Burke. The Labor Party in Australia has collectively passed a resolution to oppose the proposed amendments to citizenship by the Turnbull government. The party is particularly opposing the English language proficiency at the university level for applicants of Australian citizenship, as quoted by the SBS.

Tony Burke the leader of opposition and Citizenship Shadow minister said that the government is acting in an arrogant way and the proposed modifications to the Australian citizenship will create a fresh class of second-rate Australian residents.

The Labor party is strongly opposing the mandatory English language assessment for applicants of Australian citizenship as the government has proposed that immigrant applicants of citizenship must score Band-6 points in the International English Language Testing System. The opposition has also added that the new assessment for the English language is not required at all.

The government has proposed that the applicants of Australian Citizenship must have proficiency in the English language on par with the university level that is required for entrance to the diverse university courses in Australia. The level of competence being sought by the government is really absurd, elaborated Burke.

Australia has a large population that was born here and who will actually be unable to reach the level of competence being proposed by the government for citizenship, explained Tony Burke.

The Labor party will never support these modifications to the Australian citizenship that will result in creating different layers of citizens in the nation, said the leader of the opposition.

The Labor party is also resolutely opposed to the increased waiting period for applicants of citizenship in Australia with the status of permanent residents. The current waiting period is one year while the proposed legislation intends to increase this to four years.

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