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Posted on June 13 2023

Canadian Temporary Visa holders can avoid longer processing times through Flagpoling

By  Editor
Updated June 29 2023

Highlights of Flagpoling:  Best process to reduce Canadian Visa Processing times

  • Flagpoling, the best practise to change their immigration or visa status.
  • In 2022, the number of people flagpoled is 21,452.
  • This number will be increased in 2023 because of the IRCC backlogs.
  • Reduces longer processing times for Temporary visa holders.
  • Flagpoling is a legally accepted in Canada, but it is important to abide the immigration laws and regulations.

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What is Flagpoling?

Flagpoling, involves exiting Canada, traveling to a nearby border crossing (often in the United States), and then re-entering Canada to get immigration services on the same day.

It is legally accepted in Canada, and is used mostly to reduce the Canadian Visa processing times. This is  mostly followed by Canada Temporary Visa holders to renew their visa and reduce the processing times.

Popular Flagpoling place in Canada

Popular flagpoling locations in Canada include

  • Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
  • Peace Arch Border Crossing in British Columbia.

CBSA (Canada Border Services Agency) data shows...

As per the CBSA data, 21,452 people flagpoled in 2022. This number will be increased in 2023, because of the IRCC backlogs and longer processing times. CBSA has set specific dates and times for flagpoling in order to accommodate people during this procedures.

On the other hand it is encouraging candidates to opt for IRCC online procedures other than flagpoling.

Canada is offering many paths to enter the country to meet the workforce demands. This is the right time to settle in Canada.

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