Canada’s tech landscape is all green for giants like Google

Google in Canada

Google Maps turned 15 on February 10, 2020. The origin of the technology behind Google Maps can be traced back to Australia. The tech-savvy and innovative Australia must be taking note of something new happening around the tech giant. Google is now making itself bigger with its increased presence in Canada. That is remarkable as the road to this development is an awesome success story.

Google has decided to add new offices in Montreal, Toronto, and Waterloo. It has decided to triple its workforce in Canada. This is a result of the policies of the Canadian government that raised the momentum of development in the country. By 2022, Google looks at increasing its capacity to 5000 workers.

The decision of Google has obviously increased pressure on Canadian local companies. They are now trying hard to find and keep tech talent. It also gives the opportunity to international candidates to enter the expanding tech scene in Canada. And Canada is already largely credited for being a migrant-friendly nation. It is so even when migration is getting tougher in many nations.

The turnaround for Canada’s dwindling tech scene happened with some major policy changes. The government took steps to improve the environment to make it more inviting. It ensured that people came to work In Canada for the opportunities it set for them. In turn, it also made sure that the tech companies had to come to Canada. They had to find the skilled and talented workers they needed in Canada.

This approach was a gamechanger and is now the basis of Canada’s tech boom. Canada is today taking measures to ensure good connectivity between its cities. The transportation facilities are improved and upgraded to realize this. Access to international cities is also improved to maintain the momentum of talent influx.

While a lot of development will be seen soon in Canada, Australia can also take part in the goings-on. Skilled tech workers from Australia can now consider going to Canada to join the biggies. Even the prospect of Canadian companies shining in the competition is there. It will be interesting to see more tech powerhouses in the making in Canada.

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