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Posted on April 08 2022

Canada's new budget and its impact on immigration

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Synopsis Canada has released its preliminary budget of Canada, and the Finance Minister has disclosed this budget since the federal election held in September 2021. This particular budget summarizes the revenue and spending of the government of Canada. The announcements declared by the federal government are usually significant as it depicts the economic state and financial health along with the importance of policies that Canada will concentrate on. Let’s look into the immigration schemes that summarize the immigration preferences that the government of Canada prepares to pursue. *Check your eligibility to Canada with Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free.  Immigration Schemes in 2022 Budget  Express Entry: To meet the needs of the labor market, the federal government plans to reshape the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to give authority to the immigration minister to use the Ministerial Instructions to bring a change. There are no recent updates on what the federal government has decided on yet. Immigration Levels Operation: To promote its efforts to operate and establish more than 400,000 new permanent residents every year, Canada will entrust $2.1 billion over five years and $317.6 million in the latest funding procedure. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP): To create a Trusted Employer Model for the TFWP, the government wishes to invest $29.3 million in the next three years. This model will be accessible to employers who fulfill the highest standards of living and working conditions, safety, and salaries in highly required fields on repeat. The revised plans and details will be declared in the next year. The federal government wishes to invest $48.2 million to build a modernized TFWP, particularly for the fish processing and agricultural employers. Apart from this, it also wants to empower the procedure of the employer applications by investing $64.6 million in the next three years, maintaining the established standards of service. Assistance for Immigrants and Visitors to Canada: The preliminary budget is set to invest $187.3 million in the next five years and $37.2 million presently for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to promote its performance to respond to the growth in inquiries, so that the IRCC can openly invest in necessary tools and technology to support and strengthen the clients. Canadian Citizenship: To thoroughly look into the higher levels of applications of the citizens, the government plans to modify the Citizenship Act to activate the machine-assisted and automated processing and safe use of biometrics. Conclusion Once the budget is tabled, the elected officials are supposed to vote on the budget in the parliament of Canada. If the majority of members oppose the budget, an election process will be conducted. This election process is almost unlikely to occur. The commitment to the budget has already been expressed by the New Democratic Party immediately after allying with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s governing Liberal Party. Do you want to migrate to Canada from Australia? Y-Axis, the leading overseas immigration consultant in Australia, is here to guide you in the right way. If you found this article engaging, continue to read... Canada breaks record in 2022, invites 108,000 new permanent residents.


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Immigration scheme in 2022 Budget


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