Canada will allow foreign students to come, attend institutes

International students can come to Canada

International students will be able to come to study in Canada from October 20, 2020, if the institution they are enrolling in has a COVID-19 readiness plan. The plan must be approved by the institution’s territorial or provincial health authorities.

As the territorial or provincial governments handle the education in Canada, DLIs must send them the details of their readiness plan for the pandemic. The plan submitted must include details like:

  • How the institutions will deliver information on health and travel requirements before arrival to international students
  • How will help with quarantine plans be provided
  • How students are provided assistance or guidance in acquiring necessities like medicine and groceries at the time of quarantine

The plan must also specify the health and safety protocols involved in an instance when the student gets affected by COVID-19.

IRCC is about to release a list of approved DLIs on their webpage. IRCC has made it clear that the new measure is applicable to all international students no matter when their Canada study permit was approved or where their origin is from. IRCC has however urged students who are traveling to Canada to arrive in the country after meeting all the requirements and all essential authorizations.

If international students have the appropriate entry documents and are asymptomatic, they can travel to Canada under the new measure. Their travel will be considered as essential travel at the border unless there’s evidence that their trip is for recreational purposes like tourism.

An international student’s family members may also accompany him/her to Canada. But they must prove that their trip is essential as in case of getting established in Canada to support the study program the student is enrolled in. The family members can be:

  • Common-law partners or spouses
  • Dependents
  • A parent or legal guardian (if the student is aged under 18 years)

Once the student and his/her family members arrive in Canada, they will have to comply with the public health measures prescribed by Canadian authorities. This includes a 14-day quarantine.

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DLI – Designated Learning Institutions

IRCC – Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

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