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Posted on August 11 2022

Canada tourism surpasses pre-pandemic levels

By  Editor
Updated October 07 2023

Highlights of Canada tourism in 2022

  • International tourists are traveling to Canada after the restrictions for traveling have been eased.
  • The traveling statistics are touching the pre-pandemic levels in 2022.
  • Contactless processing of tourist visa is facilitated by Electronic Travel Authorization

Abstract: Canada tourism is bouncing back to the pre-pandemic levels as international travelers flock to the country.

Tourism in Canada is steadily improving as both international and foreign tourists are visiting to aid the hospitality sector and contribute to the much-required recovery of what it was before the pandemic, as per the reports by Statistics Canada.

Domestic as well as international travel have contributed to the recovery of the tourism sector of Canada from May 2022. For the 3rd consecutive month, Canada recorded high levels of incoming tourists to the country. It is the highest figure for tourists since the pandemic started.

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More travelers opting to Visit Canada

A report 'Leading Indicator Of International Arrivals To Canada, June 2022' by Statistics Canada revealed that travel to the country touched levels this year compared to the figures in 2019.

In June, the number of international tourists in Canada was high compared to June 2021. It is almost the same as the levels recorded back in June 2019, before the pandemic.

Approximately,  846,700 international visitors arrived at Canadian airports.

The airports in Canada are equipped with electronic kiosks. Tourists coming to Canada to meet their friends or family are required to have an eTA or Electronic Travel Authorization or a Visitor Visa.


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Visitor Visas for Canada

A Visitor Visa also known as Temporary Resident Visa, facilitates international tourists to enter Canada temporarily. It is added to the passport of the traveler.

International tourists can determine if they require an eTA or visitor visa depending on:

  • Type of travel document being used
  • Which country issued the travel document
  • Nationality of the traveler
  • Method of traveling to Canada for the trip

Requirements for Visitor Visa for Canada

The required documents for the visitor visa for Canada are enlisted below:

  • A valid passport or other travel documents
  • Health Certificate
  • No criminal records
  • Evidence of ties with the international tourists of the home country. It could be a job, financial assets, a property, or family
  • Proof that the tourist will leave Canada after their visit
  • Evidence of sufficient funds to cover the expenses while staying in Canada

The Canadian visitor visas can be applied online or at a VAC or Visa Application Center by duly filling out forms. The international traveler is required to submit additional documents if asked by Canadian Immigration offices.


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Usually, the fees for visitor visas are:

  • Application fee of 100 CAD
  • Biometrics fees of 85 CAD per person
  • Passport processing fees of approximately 45 CAD

All accompanying dependents, such as minor children and partner need to submit individual applications and pay separate fees.

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