Canada to welcome 454,410 newcomers at current pace

Canada to welcome 454,410 newcomers at current pace (1)


Canadian Immigration started to push the number of the new Canadian permanent residents in March this year, during the quarter, to a level that could see the country making a record-breaking target that Ottawa sets.

Main Features:

  • Canada invited 40,785 new permanent residents in March
  • 431,645 immigrants to be invited in 2022, announced Sean Fraser
  • Canada welcomes 454,410 newcomers in the current pace of immigration
  • A record of 113,535 new permanent residents was invited in the first three months of this year
  • The two primary drivers of this immigration surge this year
  • Canada has currently welcomed 13,050 Afghan refugees
  • 300 Afghan newcomers arrived this morning
  • As of May 4, CUAET received more than 204,000 applications

The country invited 40,785 new permanent residents in March, which is more than 9.2 percent from the previous month, 37,335, and 15.2 percent higher than January, 35,415.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has already announced that Canada will welcome 431,645 immigrants in 2022.

Below are the details of the invitations sent to the permanent residents in the first quarter

Month Number of permanent residents
January 35,415
February 37,335
March 40,785

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Canada welcomes 454,410 newcomers in the current pace of immigration

According to the recent data from the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), although the country has gained 113,535 new permanent residents in the first three months, the record-setting pace of immigration puts Canada on track to welcome 454,140 new permanent residents this year.

If the present trend continues for the rest of the year, Canada will be able to welcome 48,140 more new permanent residents this year, apart from the 406,000 who have already landed in 2021.

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Here are the two primary drivers of this immigration surge this year 

  • Temporary-to-permanent resident (TR-to-PR) program
  • Ottawa’s commitment to the refugees

The Temporary-to-permanent resident (TR-to-PR) program accepted applications in the last year and is still looking for new arrivals that increase the number of new permanent residents under the economic agenda.

This year, Canada is set to invite 32,000 new permanent residents under Ottawa’s latest immigration levels plan.

The second important driver of immigration to Canadian this year is Ottawa’s commitment to refugees, mostly the Ukrainian and Afghan refugees.

Year Number of refugees invited
2022 16, 465
2021 12,290
2020 8,385

The Canadian population growth is fueled by the Ukrainians and Afghans

Ottawa’s loyalty to providing a safe home for Afghan refugees is one of the reasons for the rise in refugee numbers.

Sean Fraser tweeted on Friday that Canada has currently welcomed 13,050 Afghan refugees, who are continuously arriving every week.

“Earlier today, another flight landed in Toronto from Pakistan, with more than 300 Afghan newcomers who helped Canada’s mission in Afghanistan,” mentioned Fraser.

Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) is another refugee pathway opening doors for the refugees, which as of May 4, received more than 204,000 applications. Canadian immigration officials had approved 91,500 applications by then.

“Canada is one among the world’s top destinations for talent, and immigration is the motive power behind the increase in our tech sector,” tweeted Fraser at the beginning of this year.

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