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Posted on April 12 2022

Canada records lowest unemployment in 50 years

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

The latest Job Force Research shows unemployment for recent or new immigrants is the least on record as the job opportunities are speeding up than the population of Canada. According to Canada's March Labour Force Survey statistics, the unemployment rate for immigrants who have been living in Canada for the past five years was at the lowest point. The latest research that has been released has captured the labor market of Canada in the mid-week of March. This week from the 13th to the 19th of March, the country's provinces were relaxing the restrictions on public health. All the strict limits and evidence of vaccination essentials were eased in Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and Alberta. *Find out if you are eligible to Canada with Y-Axis Canada Immigration Points Calculator instantly for free.  The unemployment rate for the immigrants living in Canada for the last five years has a percentage of 8.3, which is the least since the relatable data became accessible in 2006. The workers born in Canada have a 4.5% rate of unemployment. Substantially, every industry is knocking against job shortages, involving the sector of hospitality that still needs to be completely recovered. The growth of employment is exceeding the growth of the population Canada's employment opportunities increased by 73,000 in March, motivated by the high profits of unemployment around the clock. The slowed-down population growth rate combined with more significant job shortages and accelerated growth of employment will mostly be mentioned to build cases for assisting the arrival of international workers. Opening the door to international talent is one way to neutralize decelerated force on the job market. Canada presented a measure to promote temporary foreign workers to consider job shortages last week. These measures have created an impact in that they increased Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) expiry date is two-fold. This impact on LMIA shows that an international worker wouldn't consider taking up a Canadian job. The maximum period of employment for a greater amount of wage and global talent stream employees has been expanded from two to three years. Additionally, the limit on the number of the low-wages has been removed, and the workers in the seasonal industries can occupy with the help of TFWP. Two additional measures will be introduced on April 30th; it involves renewed rules on what percentage of the employer's staff can be working as international workers. Immigration is greatly responsible for the growth of the population in Canada. Canada is ready to set a new record for the recently arrived immigrants in 2022. According to the plans of the immigration levels for 2022-2024, Canada is willing to join 431,645 the latest comers in 2022. The 2021 Canadian Statistics census declared population growth at a greater speed in G7 in Canada. Are you looking work in Canada? Get guidance from Y-Axis, the leading Overseas Consultant in Australia, If you found this article engaging, continue to read... Canada breaks all time record, welcomes 450,000 international students


2 new measures to be introduced on April 30th

Job opportunities speed up


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