Canada pumps in funds to ensure temporary workers’ welfare

Canada allots fund for workers

The measures taken by Canada to address the issues plaguing the immigration sector are quite laudable. Their steps to ensure the welfare of those who work in Canada on temporary visas during the COVID-19 crisis is also commendable.

Canada is funding employers who employ foreign workers. This is to help them comply with mandatory COVID-19 measures for new workers. The $50 million funding will help employers conform to the current health regulations. Following these regulations will keep foreign workers safe during their 2-week quarantine.

It’s regarded as the shared responsibility of employers and temporary foreign workers to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Work permit holders are allowed to come to Canada even now. This is owing to their integral role in the food sector.

Foreign workers must quarantine or self-isolate for 14 days once they reach the Port of Entry. The government is implementing that measure more strictly from April 15, 2020. Any returning traveler without COVID symptoms, but unable to explain a credible quarantine plan, will have to spend 2 weeks in a hotel.

Employers are expected to provide workers with transportation and accommodation. They should have access to food and supplies for basic sanitation.

The government will provide employers with up to $1,500 per temporary foreign worker. This step is to ensure the meeting of public health requirements fully. The funding is conditional on employers who haven’t violated the 14-day protocol. They will also not have violated any other public health order. This program will be available until the Quarantine Act is in force and the isolation protocol is adhered to.

Employers and workers with Canada work visas who don’t comply with the regulations could face fines, jail time or both.

Even prior to the occurrence of the pandemic, the food sector was facing labor shortages. Even though the agricultural sector gets about 60,000 foreign workers every year, around 15,000 jobs remain vacant.

Temporary foreign workers form an essential workforce for Canada’s crucial sectors. These include vegetable and fruit farms, and seafood and meat processing plants.

Foreign workers in the agricultural sector form over 60% of all who arrive in Canada under the Temporary Foreign Worker program.

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