Canada immigration facts you can’t miss on Canada Day

Canada immigration facts

Canada celebrated its founding day, known as “Canada Day”, on July 1, 2020. Canada immigration is among the most favorite choices for millions of international immigrants. Canada Day is the best occasion to explore some interesting immigration facts about this wonderful country.

Immigration Canada has always fascinated people. It has opened all possible paths to the world and invited skilled and talented people through immigration programs. These include Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs. The prospects the country offers to students and workers alike are praiseworthy.

Here are a few interesting immigration facts about Canada:

  • Canada Day commemorates the joining of its 3 original provinces namely Province of Canada (now Quebec and Ontario), New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. The nation was thus formed in 1857.
  • According to the Constitution Act 1867, immigration is a responsibility shared amongst Canada’s federal government, territories, and provinces. The original provinces of Canada already had experience in recruiting immigrants from Europe before 1867.
  • Quebec was Canada’s first province to launch a dedicated ministry for immigration, in 1968. Manitoba followed suit and signed a PNP(Provincial Nominee Program) agreement with the federal government in 1998.
  • Today, 12 of 13 provinces and territories of Canada operate their own immigration programs. Through these, they select immigrants to grow their economies.
  • Canada offers over 80 immigration programs for skilled workers.
  • Canada became the first country to introduce a points system for economic class immigrants in 1967. These points are assigned under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). It’s used in immigration selection programs like Express Entry.
  • Over 85% of immigrants in Canada obtain Canadian citizenship. This is one of the highest rates in the world.
  • Canada has more than 500 organizations that serve immigrants by supporting them in the process of integrating into the society and economy of Canada. These organizations provide mentorship, job training, English and French classes, and more.
  • Canada has an immigration museum at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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