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Posted on December 18 2021

Canada immigration in 2022: Easy or not?

By  Editor
Updated October 27 2023

Are you eager to know if Canada immigration is going to be easy in 2022? It’s true that migration to Canada is the highest in the world and the country itself is very welcoming of immigrants. So, obviously, there’s enough reason to suppose that Canada has a very convenient and easy system of immigration.

But if you are among those who still want to find out for real if Canada immigration is a smooth sail, we are here to give you some food for thought.

Canada immigration is a points-based immigration system. This means that if you want to move to Canada, you have to score a certain number of points and meet many other criteria as well. The real challenge lies in dealing with heavy competition as IRCC chooses candidates for immigration based on the scores your profile in its system garners.

To say Canada’s points-based system is superior to, say, America’s first-come-first-serve system is purely a matter of individual evaluation. If you have in-demand skills, you are between 20 and 35 years of age, you have a graduate/post-graduate degree, you have above-average language skills in English/French, and are great with many other factors like work experience, you have no reason to not appreciate the points-based system.

In Canada immigration system, the highest scorer gets invited first. If you have skills and qualities that can fetch you high scores, you must feel comfortable with Canada’s immigration system.

The USA has a first-come-first-serve system. The US doesn’t score you and your immigration to the US is a family-based immigration affair. Even while you are entering the US on a work visa like H1B, the employer doesn’t have to fetch something like an LMIA as in Canada to bring you on board.

LMIA is the declaration by a Canadian employer to the Canadian government that they need foreigners to fill job positions because none in the domestic population are skilled or suitable enough. Whenever you are taking a visa pathway that involves a job offer, the LMIA becomes necessary. Hence, in such cases, the visa process could take a while.

But hey! If you are skilled enough for a Canadian province but lack the edge in the immigration race at the federal level, you have PNP to fall back on. Get yourself approved by a Canadian province, accept their nomination, and get yourself 600 bonus points over your original profile score. If that pathway serves you well, your chances to come forward in the line during a federal immigration draw are high because of the now higher score.

Another factor that matters in immigration to any country is whether you have a limited chance to get a visa every year due to quotas for a visa category. This is true for a country like the US. But in Canada, the only thing that limits your immigration is your score. So, work on yourself and make yourself better in stature so that you don’t have to worry about seats getting exhausted for immigration.

Moreover, if you have practiced enough care to submit applications correctly and in a timely manner, there are no delays or hassles to expect in application processing in Canada. Submit all required documents and be transparent and sincere in your application. It’s a tough and detailed task. But you can take professional help from an experienced immigration agency.

To add to the basics, in this time of dealing with the menace of the COVID-19, it is possible that immigration processes will get late. But that’s a temporary phase as Canada has fought back the pandemic with everything from border restrictions to a large number of vaccinations. The country has made sure that its immigration never gets stalled due to the pandemic.

That brings us to another observable factor that temporary visa holders in Canada can convert themselves into permanent residents with relative ease. In the pandemic situation, when borders were closed, Canada invited those foreigners who were already there in the country as temporary visa holders. The eligible ones among them were offered the chance to apply for a Canada PR visa.

So, is Canada immigration easy? It mostly depends on your own credentials. The opportunities in Canada are never short. If you are up for the best of you, the journey to Canada is going to be easier for you.

Know your eligibility for Canada immigration. Use the Canada points calculator.

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