Big, bustling & spectacular! Australia’s Indian diaspora

Indians have set an example in a lot of ways in the world scene. Migration is an area where India is a force to reckon with. This is clearly visible in the case of Australia. Today, Indians form one of the largest migrant populations in Australia!   

Australia immigration has been utilized by an increasing number of Indians for decades. The major factors that attract Indians to Australia are education and jobs. Permanent residency Australia is an in-demand service in the migration industry for Indians.    

Those who migrate to Australia from India bank on their proficiency in English. They also take the opportunity to work as skilled workers, especially in the tech sector. The migrants come to work as anyone from fitters to nurses to engineers. In time, they make Australia their home!   

The way Indians solve the skill shortage in Australia makes them greatly welcomed! Thus, the Indian diaspora is the fastest growing in Australia. Those born in India, now in Australia, constitute a population of 592,000 members. They represent 2.4% of the Australian population. Around 700,000 people in Australia have Indian ancestry to claim.   

Coming to skilled labor, India holds the first position in Australia. India also ranks as the second-largest source of international students in Australia. Australia PR is a cultural motivation for Indians. This is because Hinduism and Sikhism are very prominent religions in Australia today!    

The numbers tell the story!   

Registering a tremendous surge, Australian PR applications have been massive lately. A record number of 211,723 people got Australian citizenship in 2019! India stood the largest source of Australian citizenship for the sixth year in a row! Indians are the third-largest migrant population in Australia today.    

Also, in 2019, 33,611 places under Australia’s Permanent Migration Program went to Indian citizens! These developments get nourished by the growing diplomatic relationship between India and Australia. Together, the two countries register a cooperative growth in economic and social areas. 

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