Order to bar US visa if immigrants can’t afford healthcare scrapped

US visas for immigrants who can’t afford healthcare

US President Joe Biden rolls back another order issued by Donald Trump, the former President of the USA. That order sought to not allow the issue of US visa to immigrants not able to afford the costs of healthcare.

The US President Joe Biden said in a statement that the previous proclamation by Trump doesn’t take forward the interests of the US.

So, Biden rescinded the proclamation made by Trump. That order needed immigrants to give proof that they would have the coverage of certain health insurance plans. This will be procured within 30 days of arriving in the USA. Otherwise, they should prove that they cover their medical expenses.

Biden revoked the erstwhile order affirming that his administration has a commitment to expanding access to affordable, quality healthcare. He stated that his administration is trying to achieve that objective without blocking the entry of those who are not US citizens, the ones who try to immigrate lawfully to the US. However, they may lack significant financial means or haven’t bought the coverage of health insurance from a restrictive list of plans that qualify.

Bar on immigrants

Trump’s order that denied US visa to immigrants was seen as one that could be a financial burden on the healthcare system of the USA. It was issued on October 4, 2019. Under the order, immigrants had to possess ‘approved health coverage’ in under 30 days of coming to the USA or be able to meet the medical expenses.

That order was within the executive authority of Trump. Nevertheless, it was criticized widely. Many saw it as Trump’s plan to advance his anti-immigrant agenda.

Biden stated that officials in the senior administration had done a review of the orders, policies, guidance documents, and any other agency actions of similar nature pursuantly developed to the Proclamation 9945. The Biden administration issued revised guidance, wherever appropriate, consistent with the policy presented in this proclamation.

Reversal of Trump’s US immigration policies

Biden has reversed many controversial policies for US immigration made by Donald Trump. It includes plans to scrap the DACA initiative from the Obama era. Another one revoked is Trump’s controversial US travel ban aimed at nations with a Muslim majority.

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