Know the best startups to work for in Australia

Know the best startups to work for in Australia


LinkedIn has recently released the list of the best startups to work for in Australia. Privately held companies which are younger than 7 years have been considered for this list. Also, the companies considered have 50 or more employees.

Here is LinkedIn’s list of the best startups to work for in Australia:

  1. Canva:

This graphic design platform has a headcount of 300 and is headquartered in Sydney. Canva has been ranked as Australia’s top young business. The company now makes 13 designs per second, which is produced by 10 million users. These users are spread across 190 countries and work in over 100 languages.

  1. Expert360:

Expert360 is an online marketplace for freelancers. It has a database of more than 400 firms and 19,000 workers. One-fourth of Expert360’s staff are from outside Australia. The company currently has a headcount of 68.

  1. Escient:

Just 2 years old, this startup currently has a headcount of 78. Staff in this company can access an employee share plan through which they can own a bit of the company’s ownership. Its headquarters is in Adelaide.

  1. Koala:

Koala is an online bedding retailer and has a global headcount of 84. The headquarters of this startup is in Sydney. The company provides a donation to charities for every bedding that it sells, as per CNBC.

  1. Airtasker:

Airtasker is a specialist in outsourcing. It connects painters, gardeners, and cleaners with more than 1.6 million customers across Australia. Headquartered in Sydney, it currently employs 100 people.

  1. Prospa:

Prospa is a specialist in fast loans for small businesses. The 7-year old startup now has 120 employees and its headquarters is in Sydney.

  1. Versent:

This is a cloud consultancy firm founded by executives of NAB. It has 200 employees who work out of its offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

  1. Youfoodz:

Youfoodz is a meal kit delivering service which shot to prominence after partnering with “The Block”, Australian reality TV show. It has a headcount of 501 and the headquarters are in Brisbane.

  1. Assembly Payments:

This company started off as Promise Pay in 2014 facilitating payments for online marketplaces. It is now a payment platform for banks. 130 employees work out of its office in Melbourne.

  1. Bench:

Bench is a programmatic media and performance marketing platform. It uses AI and data to plan and conduct campaigns for global companies. It has a headcount of 60 and its headquarters are in Sydney.

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