Best places to work overseas – How to work in Luxembourg

Best places to work overseas - How to work in Luxembourg

For third-country nationals interested to land a job in Europe, Luxembourg is a country to surely explore. Luxembourg has great features that make it an ideal destination to work overseas, which includes:

  • Luxembourg has a multicultural labor market that gives you a sense of being part of a global society.
  • Luxembourg has a robust and thriving economy. It attracts talents from around the world as it features diverse, well-paid, and secure opportunities to work and have well-built careers.
  • Luxembourg has been featuring a steadily growing economy and has been continuously outperforming the average growth in the EU. The growth has been over 50% in the past 15 years!
  • Luxembourg has one of the highest GDP per capita on the globe.
  • Luxembourg is ranked among the safest places in the world.
  • Luxembourg features a top-class healthcare system, a favorable tax regime, and attractive social benefits. It’s one of the best in the world.
  • Luxembourg offers so many things to do for leisure after work. This ensures that there’s an excellent work culture that promotes work-life balance.

If you are a skilled worker willing to work overseas in any of these most-wanted job categories in Luxembourg, the chances of you getting recruited are high:

  • Information Technology – IT developers, IT studies, etc.
  • Finance – financial auditing, financial management, accounting, etc.
  • Hospitality – catering, customer services, etc.

How third-country nationals can work overseas in Luxembourg

The best route for third-country nationals to try landing a job in Luxembourg is to get hired by an employer there. If a Luxembourg-based company hires you, you will be drawing a contract with the employer which will lead you through other formalities related to a residence permit.

A residence permit must be obtained in Luxembourg for employment. You must apply for this as soon as you enter into a contract with your Luxembourg employer.

The contract will act as a segue to getting your work visa subject to the following conditions laid out in the labor law of Luxembourg:

  • Your minimum wage won’t be less than €2,307.56 per month
  • You have a certificate for your profession (E.g., a degree in the field of work)
  • If you are into manual labor, you must produce proof of 2 years of experience along with a certificate
  • In the absence of a certificate, proof of practical experience of at least 10 years in a similar field is necessary
  • If your profession needs no certificate, then you have to produce proof of 6 years of practical experience in a similar field

Steps to apply for a work permit

Before you arrive in Luxembourg, you have to:

  • apply for a temporary authorization to stay, to the Immigration Directorate of Luxembourg’s Ministry of Foreign & European Affairs
  • possess a valid passport
  • request a type D visa once you have obtained the temporary authorization to stay in case you are subject to visa requirements to enter Luxembourg

After arriving in Luxembourg, you have to:

  • declare your arrival in your designated municipality in Luxembourg
  • undergo a medical check
  • after medical check, apply for a residence permit for employees who are third-country nationals
It’s essential that you must have a job offer from a Luxembourg employer to apply for authorization to stay in the country. The employer must have already have obtained a certificate of authorization allowing him/her to hire a third-country national for a particular job.

If you are a highly qualified third-country national hired for a salaried work, you won’t be obliged to take a labor market test. The Luxembourg employer just needs to declare the vacant position to ADEM (National Employment Agency). Your employer needn’t apply for a certificate before hiring you.

The employer draws a contract with you that stands valid for at least a year, offering a minimum level of remuneration.

So, are you interested in Luxembourg to further your career? The journey starts with landing a job in Luxembourg, being hired by an employer there. If you need any assistance regarding overseas job search, trust Y-Axis, the World’s No.1 immigration & visa company. Click here to connect with us to get expert guidance and professional migration services.

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