Avoid mistakes while applying for a Canada PR visa to avoid rejection

Top 7 reasons for rejection of Canada PR application in 2022

Let’s get some common mistakes out of the way while applying for a Canada PR visa and avoid getting your application rejected. These are points of caution that will benefit you in the process of making an attempt for Canada immigration.

Misleading/missing information

All information about you given in the application for a Canada PR visa is required to be honest and complete. Any attempt to hide information or lie about a fact can be considered misrepresentation and if detected, can lead to the rejection of your PR application.

Sometimes, misunderstanding instructions to fill the application, missing out on filling in the information, or failure to understand the question could lead to the absence of information. This will lead to rejection.

Missing deadlines

Citizenship and Immigration Canada sets deadlines for submission of applications like that for a Canada PR visa. This is a practice with a purpose. It’s done to speed up the immigration process.

If you miss any one of these deadlines in the PR process could lead to the rejection of the application. Hence, it’s necessary that you stay updated about the dates for submissions like documents to avoid rejection.

Not meeting eligibility criteria

When you decide to apply through a Canada immigration program, you must be fully aware of the eligibility requirements of the program and ensure that you comply with them. You must fit perfectly into requirements on factors like age, education, work experience, and language skills among other criteria.

Failing to submit necessary documents

Once you apply for a Canada PR visa, it will be necessary for you to submit basic and supporting documents without which your application won’t be complete. If you don’t submit the required documents on time, your application will get rejected on that ground.

Having a criminal record

It’s mandatory in the application process that you pass checks for criminal background. The scope of this criterion will include your history of stay in every country in the last 6 months or more after you have reached the age of 18 years. This step is to ensure that the immigrant does not pose any health or safety risks in Canada.

If you have a criminal history, it could become the reason for your inability to qualify for a Canada PR visa application.

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