Austria adds 32 high risk countries into the restricted list

Austria blocks 32 countries

The government of Austria has decided to impose travel restrictions on 32 countries. These countries have shown a trend of surging COVID-19 cases. The restriction imposed on travelers from countries is aimed at preventing the spread of the pandemic. So, people from these countries won’t be able to use an Austria tourist visa for now.

The countries considered high-risk by the Austrian government include:

  • South Africa
  • Ecuador
  • Sweden
  • Montenegro
  • Chile
  • The Chinese province of Hubei
  • Philippines
  • Ukraine
  • Turkey
  • USA
  • Serbia
  • Senegal
  • North Macedonia
  • Russia
  • Romania
  • Portugal
  • Peru
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria
  • Moldova
  • Mexico
  • Kosovo
  • Iran
  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Egypt
  • Bulgaria
  • Brazil
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Belarus
  • Bangladesh
  • Albania

However, there is exemption granted to diplomats, seasonal workers, and medical professionals from the restriction to enter Austria. They will only need to take a PCR test if they are coming from the red list areas that Austria has recognized.

In early July 2020 travelers from 30 European countries were permitted entry into Austria. Most of these countries are part of EEA (European Economic Area) and/or EU (European Union).

The international travelers from these countries needn’t comply with COVID-19 preventive measures like testing and 14 days of compulsory quarantine.

These 30 countries are:

  • Switzerland
  • Slovenia
  • Vatican
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • San Marino
  • Norway
  • Monaco
  • Poland
  • Netherlands
  • Malta
  • Luxembourg
  • Liechtenstein
  • Italy
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Greece
  • France
  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Denmark
  • Cyprus
  • Belgium
  • Andorra

The ordinances of the Ministry of Health in this regard will apply until the end of September 30, 2020.

Austria has also taken away the ban for the residents of 32 European countries on entry into the country. They are either Schengen members or EU, or both. The travelers must enter the country for essential purposes. They are eligible to come inside Austrian territory without having to present negative test results or submitting themselves to a fortnight of quarantine. This has been in effect since July 2, 2020.

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