Australian Universities will set up campuses in Indonesia

Australian Universities will set up campuses in Indonesia

Australian Universities will set up campuses in Indonesia under the new deal for free trade between Australia and Indonesia. The new Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison will be making his first international trip to Indonesia this week. He will discuss and announce the finalization of the trade deal with President of Indonesia Joko Widodo. These negotiations were first started in 2010 and revisited in 2016, as quoted by the Guardian.

The trade deal is likely to be signed officially at the Trade Minister-level meeting in September or October this year. A senior official of the Government of Indonesia said that the deal will be a game changer.

Momentum is building in Indonesia over permitting overseas institutions to launch their campuses in the nation, said the official. Australian Universities are likely to be the first to be permitted to do so under the trade deal, he added.

The accessibility of Overseas Universities will be enhanced for Indonesians when the former are permitted to open their campuses in the nation. Overseas education must not remain the prerogative of the affluent only, said the senior official of the Government of Indonesia.

The beneficiaries of the trade deal will also include luxury yacht builders in Australia. This is even as the nation steps up its efforts to enlarge the Maritime Tourism industry.  The import duties on Australian boats and yachts will be removed as a part of the deal. Providing training on crewing and boat maintenance will also be eased for Australian firms.

The cattle industry in Australia will also be pleased as import quotas will be for the first time locked in.

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