Australian Success 360* is driven by IMMIGRATION

Australian Success 360 is driven by IMMIGRATION

Immigration has been the key driving force propelling emergence of Australia as one of the most socially, economically and culturally successful nations in the world. This is something which the critics of immigration must always bear in mind. Immigration is supported by many because of its evident benefits that have been concluded by several types of research in the modern times.

Migration to Australia has accounted for more than 50% of its growth of population in the recent times. This has propelled the growth of the economy and made Australia so affluent. 50% of the Australians are either overseas born or have at least one overseas-born parent. This diversity has assisted to create a society and economy that the world envies, as quoted by the Age.

Immigration enhances the economic growth rate by stimulating employment, consumption, and demand. It enriches the culture and society of Australia by creating an amazing blend of traditions, practices, and tastes. It also safeguards humane values as it stresses tolerance, empathy, understanding, and harmony.

The remedy for lack of infrastructure is to enhance the investment in the sector. It does not lie in cutting migration that is one of the key propellants of the forward march of Australia.

We have to accept that traffic congestion needs to be eased, more homes must be built and roads and public transport must be enhanced. However, these are growth pangs and not a convincing case for decreasing migration.

The pace of technological innovation, human creativity, and problem-solving abilities are what will continue to propel Australia and other nations as well.

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