Why does Australian PR visa application gets rejected in 2021

Avoid mistakes that will lead to rejection of PR application

After you make an earnest effort to get an Australia PR by submitting an application for an appropriate Australia PR visa, you wouldn’t want to hear that your application has been rejected for reasons that could have been avoided. It thus becomes important that you become knowledgeable about avoiding the potential pitfalls that lead to such rejection.

The mistakes that we are going to discuss here are applicable to practically any visa application. But here we will focus on Australia PR application.

The following are the steps to take to avoid your application getting rejected.

Ensure that you give complete information

You are supposed to give all relevant information and the proof that substantiates your claims. Only then your verification will establish that you are giving the facts.

Avoid giving false information

Never furnish information that has the scope of getting caught as falsified information. This will amount to fraud and can lead to getting you prohibited from entering Australia forever.

Meet the health requirements

Certain health standards are prescribed to get Australian PR. If you fail to meet any of those criteria or miss out on any of the prescribed health check-ups, your application stands the chance to get rejected.

Produce enough proof for character clearance

A person who has not been able to prove his/her being of acceptable and good character with proof such as police verification, such a person is not deemed eligible for Australian PR.

Produce proof for financial sufficiency

You will need to have enough finances to sustain your life in Australia, to prove which you will have to produce proof like a bank statement. Without this, your application for Australian PR won’t get processed successfully.

Attach proof for the required proficiency in the English language

You will need to submit your scores in English language tests like IELTS, PTE, or TOEFL which must be of the required minimum level. If you fail to get the required number of bands or scores in such a test, your Australian PR application will be rejected.

It’s always advised to get the help of a professional immigration consultant so that your Australian PR application doesn’t get rejected for any fault or misses of yours.

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