Australia is witnessing increased arrivals of Brazilians

Australia is witnessing increased arrivals of Brazilians

The numbers of short-term arrivals from Brazil to Australia has reached a record high in terms of trends with 48, 100 Brazilians arriving at the nation.  This was for the 12 months until January 2017 which was an increase of 181% when compared to January 2007 with 31, 000 arrivals, as quoted by Business Insider.

Apart from this, the projected resident population of Australians who are Brazil-born has now reached 26, 750 people that include 12, 670 men and 14, 070 women.

Not just Sydney is increasingly becoming favored destination for travelers from Brazil, but increased numbers of youths from Brazil are choosing the Harbour city as their destination for new life owing to the unrest in their home country.

Records from the Government of Australia reveal that increased immigration from Brazil is of recent origin with only limited immigration from the nation to Australia in the beginning of 19th century. This was when the ships from England would have a stopover at Rio de Janeiro on their journey to Australia.

It was only in the concluding years of the 1960s and beginning of 1970s that immigration began from Brazil to Australia through the Assisted Migration Program of the government of Australia. In the 1980s a huge number of Brazilians immigrated to Australia towards the conclusion of the military regime in the nation.

From the early part of the 2000s increased the number of highly educated Brazilians and individuals from well-settled families began to arrive in Australia either as travelers or as students.

The annual report of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has revealed that in 2015-16 around 1, 141 nationals from Brazil were granted the citizenship of Australia.

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