Australia will now process Work Visas in just 5 days

Australia will now process Work Visas in just 5 days

The Australian Govt. is now expanding a new scheme which processes Skilled Work Visas faster. The scheme will now include more businesses that have made significant investments in Australia.

The new scheme is called the Accredited Sponsor Scheme. Under this scheme, TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage) Visas are processed in just 5 days. Generally, a standard TSS Visa is processed in around 42 days.

 The scheme will be expanded to include businesses that have invested a minimum of $50 million in Australia in the recent 5 years. The investments should have created jobs in Australia or created export activity.

The Accredited Sponsor Scheme currently includes 900 businesses and Govt. organizations in Australia. David Coleman, Immigration Minister, expects the number to increase to 2,500 by the end of the year.

Mr Coleman said that this scheme will provide access to skilled workers to businesses that have invested at least $50 million in Australia. These businesses can further continue to contribute to the Australian economy through

  • Job creation
  • Innovation
  • More investment

Mr Coleman also said that the Dept. of Home Affairs will put together a dedicated team to invite more eligible businesses to join the scheme. This will create more confidence in the businesses that they will get the necessary skilled workers for their operations, as quoted by SBS News.

To be eligible for this scheme, businesses should have a flawless track record of compliance with migration and employment laws. They will also need to conduct labour market testing to prove that they could not source skilled workers from within Australia. They would be able to sponsor foreign workers only if they meet the above conditions.

Visa applicants who are sponsored under this scheme will need to meet the health and character requirements of Australia. Also, they should be receiving a salary of minimum $53,900 annually on they start working for their employer in Australia.

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