Australia visas for New Zealand criminals being canceled at rate of 2 per day

Australia visas for

Australia visas for New Zealand criminals are being canceled at the rate of 2 per day as a part of the migration onslaught on overseas nationals with records for a crime. It has been revealed that Australia visas for 664 New Zealand nationals were canceled in the previous fiscal year. After the change of rules in 2014 December, so far visas of more than 3000 overseas nationals have been canceled.

Chris Gallavin the Massey University Deputy pro-vice-chancellor and New Zealand barrister said that the policy of deportations in Australia was extreme. It is getting tough for the nationals of New Zealand to understand the approach behind this, he added.

Chris Gallavin the Massey University Professor said that Australia was operating retrospectively harming many people. These foreign nationals have resided in the nation for many years now, he added, as quoted by the Herald Sun AU.

Gallavin also said that if the bilateral free movement of people was disliked by Australia, it must again negotiate this. Kelvin Davis the Corrections Minister of New Zealand refused to express his views on this. However, he said that Australia was canceling visas for residents who had brief jail terms and have resided for a long time in the nation. This is in contempt of the unique ANZAC relationship, he had said earlier.

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal had dismissed the petition by a New Zealand national for visa cancellation in 2016. He had been residing in the nation from the age of 9 years.

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