Australia Visa Cancellations Process under review: JSCM

Australia Visa Cancellations Process under review JSCM

The Joint Standing Committee on Migration of the Parliament of Australia is reviewing the Australia Visa Cancellations Process. This is with respect to visa cancellations on the basis of criminal grounds.

The Member of Parliament Jason Wood who is also the Chair of the JSCM said that it is crucial that criminal elements are curbed from using the immigration system of Australia for their selfish purposes. He said that the committee will investigate the review mechanisms and process for visa cancellations. It will be assessed whether the system is vulnerable to misuse by people who actively try to dodge the immigration system, as quoted by the House of Representatives Cmail19.

The JSCM will also reflect on the efficiency of the current processes for review with respect to the relations to the decisions taken under Migration Act Section 501. The current levels of duplication linked with the review process for merits will be evaluated.

The scope of the jurisdiction of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to review decisions of the Ministers will also be examined by the committee. It has, in addition, invited submissions into the inquiry.

More information regarding the inquiry that includes terms or reference and diverse methods of participation are available on the website of the government. The committee said that it will be unable to offer advice or intervene in individual cases.

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