Australia is the most thriving multicultural nation in the world

Australia is the most thriving multicultural nation in the world says, Turnbull

Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull has said that the nation is the most thriving multicultural nation in the world. He said that this was his claim as the Prime Minister of Australia. The immigration system of Australia is based on the foundation of the trust of the nation’s citizens on the Government of being totally in control of the immigration system, added Turnbull.

Turnbull said that the existing system of immigration was so established and maintained by the nation’s government. The immigration policies of Australia are the sovereign rights of the Government of Australia that is elected by the people of the nation. The Government of Australia decides regarding the kind of immigrants who are accepted in the nation, the duration of their stay as well as the requisites and circumstances on which they would remain in the nation, elaborated the Prime Minister of Australia.

Turnbull is in the US for holding bilateral discussions with Donald Trump, the US President in New York and expressed his views in an interview with the Fox News. He will be returning to Australia prior to the federal budget session in the nation, quotes SBS.

Regarding the invitation extended by the US President Donald Trump to Rodrigo Duterte the Philippines President to be the guest of White House, Turnbull said that the Philippines is a very key nation in the region. It is quite obvious that the US President Donald Trump would be naturally inclined to hold dialogues with all the important nations in the region, explained Turnbull.

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