Australia Skill Select update for May 2019

Australia Skilled Visa

Australia conducted the latest Skill Select Invitation round on May 9th. With the release of the latest Skill Select results, it is quite evident that the current financial year will not have a big finish.

Once again, only 100 invitations were issued under the Subclass 189 Visa. Also, the usual 10 invitations under the Subclass 489 Visa were also issued, as quoted by SBS News.

The pro-rata occupations have already filled up 71% of their quota ceiling. Now we need to wait and watch whether there will be leftover quota or June ends up as a big month.

There was no change for the points score for the pro-rata occupations. The minimum score for the pro-rata occupations under the Subclass 189 Visa remained at 80 points.

The points score for the Subclass 489 Family Sponsored Visa has increased to 85 points. The waiting time for an invite is 1 month at present.

Pro-rata occupations are defined as the ones for which the demand is much more than the number of visa spots available. Thus, they have a higher score requirement than other non pro-rata occupations.

Here are the scores for the May 9th Skill Select round:

Occupation ID Occupation Name Minimum Score Latest EOI date
2631 Computer Network Professionals 80 20/03/2019 6:53 pm
2613 Software and Applications Programmers 80 10/02/2019 3:58 pm
2611 ICT Business and System Analyst 85 03/05/2019 8:13 pm
2339 Other Engineering Professionals 80 18/01/2019 3:13 pm
2335 Industrial, Mechanical and Production Engineers 80 22/03/2019 4:31 pm
2334 Electronics Engineer 85 02/05/2019 12:44 pm
2212 Auditors, Company Secretaries and Corporate Treasurers 85 28/12/2018 5:43 pm
2211 Accountants 90 01/05/2019 6:46 am

It is anybody’s guess whether the month of June will change the situation. However, the quota for the Subclass 189 will be reset on the 1st of July. Once the quotas reopen, there are higher chances of more invitations being issued.

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