Australia risks losing out exceptional overseas talents owing to 457 visas reforms

Australia risks losing out exceptional overseas talents owing to 457 visas reforms

The 457 visas reforms in Australia are now posing a risk of the nation losing out to exceptional overseas talents as the eminent talent visa program has been overloaded and global talents in research, art or sports are unable to arrive in Australia. The Australian government is holding its ground of the 200 visas for the eminent talent visas for 2017-18 fiscal year and as a resulting backlog of visa applications has already started to pile up, as quoted by SBS.

Mike Pezzullo the Secretary of Department of Immigration in Australia had advised universities and businesses to utilize eminent talent visa program in case they face obstacles arising out of reforms to 457 visas. But this has not had any impact on the Visa processing authorities in Australia and as a result, the renowned pathway for obtaining Australia PR has been curbed and the number of overseas workers affected by this hindrance accounts for more than 50% of provisional overseas workers in Australia.

Though there is still one month remaining for the current fiscal year, the ceiling of 200 for 2016-17 has already been reached given that reforms were declared just in April 2017.

Charlotte Ravet, the France origin make-up artist who received the eminent talent visa program 2 years ago said she would not have cared to wait for the results if the application for visa took more than six months. Having a good client network in Paris she would have returned to France, added the artist.

In the case of absence of Australia PR, it is tough to avail clients and waiting for years would have devastating career results, explained Charlotte Ravet. Australia will lose out to global markets if it fails to retain and attract overseas talents, added the France origin make-up artist.

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